Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cutscene part 1: The Teachers

This is what I like to call a cutscene post. These will come along in the blog every couple of posts or so and essentially they are posts about an interesting story or situation in my journey in the major. So without further ado, Cutscene Part 1: The Teachers.

College teachers are all different. Some care about the way students are dressing, their behavior, their grade, and the respect they show the teacher. Some teachers on the other hand, could care less if a student wore a robe to class, or if they didn't show up at all. Art teachers take on the second description. On the first day of class, the first thing my teachers told us was not to call them Mr or Mrs. In the art department our teachers are on a first name basis. This took some getting used to for me because, like everyone else, I'm used to the traditional Mr. Bradshaw or Mr. Wilhelm. It was different but it got easier after I saw that the art teachers were nothing more than older students rather than your typical teacher.

My first class was Intro to Film. I walked into the classroom, sat down and waited to see the rest of the students come in, but most importantly, I wanted to see my teacher. As the desks began to fill up, some people were missing chairs, so they were stuck standing up. A student got up from their chair, closed the door and stood in the front of the classroom. He then smiled and said "I'm your film teacher!" A few of us gasped in amazement while the students who had seen him before laughed at our expressions. He gave us a second to drink it all in and he says "Call me Nick!" Nick Livanos could have passed as a freshman. He had on a short sleeve Hollister shirt, brown skinny jeans, hipster glasses, and to top it all of, a sweet pair of Toms. But Nick isn't your ordinary art teacher, he is over the age of 25. Making him "old" in the art world.

My design teacher, Marc, is what I like to call, a Viking Hippie. He's big and tall with the look of, "I just came from chopping wood!" He wears blank t-shirts, short rugged jeans, boots, and red and white striped socks, everyday. You see him and he intimidates you, but the intimidation goes away the more he talks about peace in the world and the different textures of random objects.

My drawing teacher (curse that class) is a younger lady named Elizabeth. She wears clothes that your grandmother would typically wear. She's very energetic and enthusiastic about my arch enemy, drawing. Shivers run down my spine typing that word.

Well these are a few of my art teachers. Hope you enjoyed this cutscene and be on the lookout for my next post that goes along with the others titled: "Every Little Bit Counts". Thanks for reading and spread the word!

The pictures at the bottom are from left: Nick (film teacher), Marc (design teacher), and the third one is sort of what my drawing teacher looks like.

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