Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Film, and all of its baggage

Ask a nursing student what a film major does, and they will say something along the lines of "They sit around a classroom watching movies and playing with cameras" or my personal favorite, "you get to color for your homework while I have to study!" This is highly untrue. Went I came into the year as a film major I expected to take a lot of classes that ACTUALLY had to do with film. Only then was I backhanded in the face with drawing classes, 2D design classes, and the always glorious, generals. I'm a film major, I use cameras, not 9B pencils and X-ACTO razors . I have no need to draw blocks and do petty design projects. But according to my film advisor, film majors are usually the drawing rejects while the fine art majors and graphic designers have to struggle and sacrifice their lives to get their 10 hours of drawing in every week. You get more than you bargain for when you go into film but I know that it's worth it in the end. One thing that tells me that is how the other art majors all have to take the dark and dreaded drawing 2 class in second semester while the film majors take fun classes like lighting, intro to field production, and film business and management.
Nursing students can get a full schedule of nursing classes. And science majors can get a full 16 credits of classes just for their major. Film majors on the other hand don't have enough film classes to stay occupied so they give us drawing and design and claim that they are "opening our eyes" which might be true for some. But for those of us who are wanting to get behind a camera and shoot or get on a computer and edit, they aren't too enjoyable. Film is an interesting major. But don't get surprised if you get a nice slap of all the other forms of art too!

Next you see the inkling of film that you WILL get in the beginning. Thanks for reading, look for more!

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