Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jumping Into the Business

I jumped into the realm that is film without any support, motivation, or outlook on the future. It was a hit or miss kind of situation for me it didn't hit or miss, it was more of a graze. I loved photography. It had been my passion for a long time. But when I described to my advisers what I liked to do and what I wanted to do, they suggested film. You see, i'm an editor. I will edit the crap out of a photo and make it look like heavenly angels took it with their golden Pentax cameras. But editing a film is a whole different story. It becomes more of a crucial job that a lot of people (including me) don't want to do, and it adds to the challenge that film making brings. When I told my parents, my family, and my friends that I was doing film, I got this unanimous stare that said "what in the world are you doing?" And "you are going to be so broke!" But I was oddly up for the challenge to prove all of them wrong. I decided that I would do this, and be freaking amazing at it too.

More to come...thanks for reading!

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