Saturday, December 22, 2012

Stories Start Somewhere

Think of a famous film that you have seen that has won many awards. It made a lot of money, many people have seen it, and a lot of work was put into it. But it had to start somewhere.
We as humans are very creative in nature, some more than others. Our creativity is shown by the kinds if movies we make. When our imaginations run wild, we try and find ways to express them. Some express their imaginations through drawing, some by writing, and if you are like me, you express them with movies. To come up with a movie idea, you don't have to think in detail. Take it step by step and start with the log line. The log line is the basic premise of the story that you are making. For example the log line for my movie is: "A small town searches for The Girl In the Corner. It's all a daydream until its real." Pretty good eh? Well it all came from an idea, and thanks to my good friend Eugenio (Heres his blog link: ) who came up with the story, I can now make that beautiful idea into a film.
Once you have your log line thought up, it's time to start pitching your movie. When you pitch your movie, or any movie, you should try your best to be calm and be focused on your story. Have faith in what you are telling your audience and try to keep them interested. If you see that they are yawning and getting tired, be more animated and get louder. You want to leave your audience interested and wanting to watch your movie. I had the recent opportunity to pitch my movie to my fellow class mates and film majors. We had two minutes and we were on camera, so the pressure was on. By the end of my pitch, there was clapping, and a good amount of puzzled faces from the twist in the movie. Pitching is just another way of expressing your ideas the way that you want to express them. You make any emotion known, as well as any suspense, or twists by how you pitch the movie.
If you are majoring in art, you are there because you have an interest in it and you are seeking to express that creativity spurring inside of you. Yes, you have to be somewhat creative in my field. It is indeed a struggle sometimes. But when you find that golden idea or that golden idea finds you, it's like you're floating on a cloud. And by then, the work that you have to go through, soon becomes stepping stones to expressing your idea to the world. It takes a lot to make a film, but it only takes a little creativity to come up with an idea. And if your idea is good enough, the details will fall into place. So have an idea, and have a story to tell. Then focus on expressing it to everybody in the way you want it expressed.
Thank you for reading! This was a very fun post for me and I'm excited for the next couple as well. Thank you for all that are supporting my blog by sharing it and reading them. The next post will be coming soon! Thank you again!

Have an idea, and express it in your own way. The details will come together on their own.

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