Thursday, December 13, 2012

Forever In Need

A doctor needs patients, a teacher needs students, and a chef needs food. What does a Film Major (or any film professional) need? A handy-dandy crew. As you should know by now, I haven't been in the business for as long as some. But I have already learned that one, if not the most, important necessity for success in my area is a film crew that is willing to sacrifice anything for the success of the film.
If you meet a guy that can make a feature film and do every job by himself, send me his twitter name and I'll be sure to follow him. There are SO many jobs on a film set that it's impossible to do it with one person. Even when we aren't speaking in terms of a feature film you see the need for a teammate. You see, us film majors, we need each other. Whether its because we need help with an actual shoot or whether we need to see what others opinions are. A prime example of this is what my film teacher told us in the beginning of the semester. He told us to look around the new classroom at all of the strangers. He then told us that these would be the people that would help us in the future with different projects and with our freshman film project (which I have mentioned before).
A film major will always be in need of other film majors. There is no separation between upper class and lower class when it comes to film. On the shoot that I'm acting for right now, we have a freshman, a sophomore, a junior, and a senior helping out. It was a fun shoot but, although it was just a short film, it took a while to complete. It would have taken even longer or may have even been impossible to complete if there weren't more people helping out. No matter what year you are in or what classes you are taking, having someone help you is greatly needed in film.
Teamwork as you know, is important for different sports and a necessity for getting most things done. In film, the people that are helping you are both your teammates and your competition. As a film major, you have to strive to raise the bar and beat your competition at whatever it is that you are doing. Getting a job in the film industry doesn't depend on age or maturity. Any young person can walk onto a film shoot, an if they know what to do an they are good at it, they have a job. This may sound harsh but that's what makes this industry better. There's always a need for both teammates and competition. Film majors are forever in need.
Thank you all for reading this post! This one took me a while and I thought a lot about if I wanted to write it or not, but some things happened that kept me going and finally completing it. Thank you to everyone who is reading the posts and keeping up! Please support me by SHARING THE BLOG! Thank you all again and be on the lookout! Cutscene part 2 is upon us! We get to take a break from the normal trend of posts. Thanks again guys!

At the bottom, there are some pictures of the small shoot that I just acted for on our last day. These are the crew members Zach Kast, and Juan Pinto! It was fun being Sir Awesome!

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