Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cutscene Part 2: Flipping Film

I have been waiting awhile to write this next cutscene and I'm really excited for my plans with the next couple of posts. Like I have said before, cutscenes are where we take a break from the normal posts and I tell a story pertaining to my life and my major. Enjoy!

Making videos and taking pictures has always been a hobby of mine along with skateboarding and soccer. But around my junior year of high school I was introduced to gymnastics. I am a pretty short guy and pretty athletic so the gymnastics coach decided that I was well suited for gymnastics. I made it on the team and I have been doing gymnastics ever since. Being on a college team is different though. In high school, we practiced two nights a week for two hours. Now in college, we practice every night for two hours. That's sounds like a a lot yeah? Well it is. When I was trying out for the team, they told me that they haven't had a film major on the team in a very long time. I thought I was unique but I soon found out why there haven't been many film majors on the team.

Being a film major, as I have told you all before, means that you are going to get a lot of projects that take a lot of time. Especially in that dreaded drawing class. Ugh. But anyways, my point is, there are many projects that take up your time. And that couple hours every night takes up a lot of that needed time. But not only that. The team that I am on is called Gym Masters. Pretty legit name eh? So we do a lot of tours and shows all the time. In the first semester of the year, we don't do a lot of tours but we do a lot of weekend shows for schools and events. But in the second semester, Gym Masters take their spring break tour. This is year it was decided that we go to the Dominican Republic (woohoo!). It will be a ten day trip over spring break. Sound familiar? Well, remember when I mentioned my freshman project? Yeah, that's also supposed to be shot over spring break. Interesting. I've been informed that I can still shoot my movie during the semester, but getting actors and timing together will totally destroy me. We will see how that goes. I might need to start making funeral plans.

I have two separate loves. Most film majors aren't the type to go out and do gymnastics. That's more for the P.E majors and outdoor people. And most acrobats aren't going to go film a movie after they do a tour. It's an awkward situation but I'm surviving so far. Choose your loves wisely and don't try to be too versatile.

Thanks for reading my cutscene guys! I enjoy these because it gives me a little break and it gives me more time to think about the next couple of posts in the blog!
Thanks for all the support and please keep supporting me by reading and sharing! Like I said, I'm excited for the next couple of posts, so be on the look out for them! THANKS AGAIN YOU AMAZING PEOPLE!

The pictures at the bottom are me doing what I do when I'm not messing with cameras! I spend a lot of time upside down.

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  1. You didn't say whether you get to go on the trip or not :(