Sunday, December 9, 2012

Every Little Bit Counts

Excitement: something that illuminates off of young freshman as they begin their new college majors. Nursing majors prepare themselves for A&P and Nutrition, Biology majors get ready for microbiology and chemistry, and film majors prepare themselves for...intro to film. I had one official film class starting out, yay. I knew that I wasn't going to get all of experience in my major with only one class that had to do with it. So I told myself that I had to do as many "filmy" things that I could. The first day of class I learned that I would have three "big" projects to do: A production design project, a location scouting project, and a movie pitching project. These were set up to help you for whenever you work on your second semester project: Make a short film. This is the ACT or SAT of tests for freshman film majors. And for me, knowing this, I wanted to get as much practice doing whatever I could that could help me. Good thing I had so many film classes to practice in, oh wait, I didn't.
It was up to me to do things outside of class (other than my projects) that would benefit me for next semester, and what did I do? I Acted. Literally, I just, acted. Sure I did some camera work and took a lot of pictures, but the only "practice" I got with film was acting. Not to say that it was a terrible thing, because I was a young Christian Bale if you know what I mean. Yeah, I was quite the actor, and that's it. I acted in a couple short films for some upperclassmen and I'm actually acting for a students cinematography final right now as, Sir Awesome. That's pretty, awesome, am I right? You see what I did there? But seriously, acting isn't bad. It just becomes unimportant when you the film major aren't doing any filming before your big show.
So besides outside of class there were always the things we did in class like watch videos of directors like Peter Jackson succeeding in movies like "The Hobbit" and watch other directors destroy themselves and their careers trying to make a movie about Don Quixote. That was terrible. One of my favorite things to do was create short films based on my teachers one-liner scripts. He would make these epic scripts with one line and we were sent out into groups to locate a spot for it to be filmed, come up with our own situation for the line to be said in, and film. We instantly became professionals and let me tell you, it felt good to actually do some film work.
You don't get all of the practice you need, but in what major or situation is that ever possible? Every. Little. Bit. Counts. These are very important words to live by especially in the realm of film.

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